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Sunday, July 15, 2007

How to eradicate gun crime

For those that don't know me, I am a gun owner and gun ownership advocate.

I decided to play devil's advocate and put forward a way to eliminate gun crime. Too often, we gun owners are accused of being one sided. Out of a sense of fairness, I decided to consider the anti-gun side of the argument and put forward a solution to eradicating gun crime.

In order to do this I'm making a few assumptions as follows:

A) We will need three levels of equality in the citizenry: The ordinary citizen; Community Safety Officers (CSOs) - police, customs officials and the military; Community Officials (Government Officials and Assistants).

B) Prohibit ordinary citizens from owning guns.

C) Sufficient law enforcement and vigilance can eliminate guns from our society and therefore eliminate gun crime.

To realise the goal of eradicating gun crime will require some new programmes and laws:

1) Eradicate all ownership of guns in order to eradicate crime.

Anyone who owns a gun can have it stolen or may misuse it so it is a prudent safety measure for the community to completely disallow ownership of guns. This also simplifies law enforcement as possession of a gun confirms guilt.

2) Guns are an effective form of self-defence and an economical way of enforcing community safety. To ensure community safety the only people that should have guns are those who are upholding the law (these are citizens such as the police, customs officials, government bodyguards and the military – the CSOs).

It will be necessary to allow certain citizens access to guns to guarantee community safety. These people will need to be carefully vetted and above reproach. Anyone with criminal connections (either directly or through personal and family connections) will need to be excluded. To ensure that that CSOs remain above reproach we will need a group of impeccably trustworthy citizens to supervise them. We will call these citizens Community Safety Officer Observers (CSOO). They must have the power to immediately dismiss the CSOs and relegate them to the level of ordinary citizen. However, to ensure that there is no abuse of powers they must not be able to dismiss any Community Officials.

3) Enforcing the law by enacting complete zero tolerance ensures that the law is obeyed. To achieve this enforcement simply requires allocating enough resources and increasing the punishments metered out by laws.

The zero tolerance approach to gun crime will mean that tougher laws and harsher law enforcement will be required to eradicate gun crime. Ignorance of the law is no excuse so any punishment is warranted when breaking laws passed by the Community Officials. Community Safety Officers who refuse to support these laws must immediately be considered as corrupted by the CSOO’s and therefore dismissed.

4) Community Officials who make the laws need to be unquestionably honest.

In order to ensure the honesty (and therefore the impeccability of the laws) the Community Officials must comply with rules that have been set by a majority (51% or greater) of the Community Officials. Self-regulation by a majority vote will ensure that there is no corruption within the Community Officials.

5) Our borders must be protected and any imports or people entering the country must be thoroughly screened to ensure that no guns enter the country.

CSOs will need to patrol the coastline in boats and aircraft. Radar installations will act as bases for boats and aircrafts and serve as early detection systems. On an Australian sized coastline of around 20,000km then only 50-100 bases will be required.

6) Any entry to a public place needs to be controlled through metal detectors and other detection mechanisms. In areas deemed crucial to National Security, such as offices of Community Officials, then body searches will be required.

This will be accomplished by the installation of metal detectors and placement of CSOs at the entrance to any forms of public transport or any public space. Placement of roadblocks with metal detectors and body searches at each entrance to a suburb or town will ensure that guns do not enter any of these zones.

CSOs, CSOOs and Community Officials can be exempted from these searches, as they have already been deemed reliable by laws and processes.

While this solution may seem extreme, it will be successful. I estimate that we would only need to increase tax rates by 20-40%, depending on funding cuts to other areas. Alternatively, surcharges on goods and services could also be implemented to pay for our safety.

Existing technologies and processes in use today can easily accomplish the eradication of gun crime. All that is required is strong political will and the understanding of the citizenry.

If you have nothing to hide then you have no need to worry.

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Ardeet said...

I was hoping that the absurdity of my suggestion would convey what a horrible society it would be to live in if people really wanted to virtually eliminate guns.

Based on feedback from newsgroups I'm sorry if this was not clear.