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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Australian Coat of Arms - Delicious!

Australia Day - Eat the Coat of Arms

I live in a country that has the most delicious Coat of Arms in the world - a Kangaroo and an Emu.
Both of these animals are delicious meat, low in fat and low in cholesterol. They also do less damage to the environment than cattle or sheep.
On Australia Day I like to enjoy a portion of Kangaroo and Emu and feel lucky that I live where I do.
The more of us that eat Kangaroo and Emu, the greater the demand and the bigger the industry.
Restaurants could hold Australia Day competitons.
We could have a national competition to create the definitive Coat of Arms dish.

Ultimately I believe that we can help Australia by eating the Coat of Arms.

By the way, the Kangaroo and Emu were picked because neither of them can walk backwards.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

National ID card for Australia

The National ID card is another victory for terrorists. Be they radical muslims, christians, jews or athiests the people who wish to terrorise our way of life must be laughing at our self-inflicted restrictions.

I don't know if I'm more disgusted with the lies from our fellow citizens in Government or with the sheep-like aquiesence of the rest of society.

Just how many rights are people prepared to lose in this mythical search for safety?

The Australian Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock, assured us last year that a National ID card was not going to be an option :

"Attorney-General Philip Ruddock told a national security conference in Canberra on Tuesday the government was trawling through databases, including Medicare and the Australian Tax Office, to cross reference Australian identities.
He said properly identifying Australians was the first step towards creating a national identity card but promised the government had no plans to do so."

It now transpires that the National ID card been placed firmly on the agenda in the form of an inquiry (http://abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200601/s1548013.htm). We have let the Government lie to us once again. In addition to a number we are also allowing these "rights parasites" to entertain the following disgusting possibilities for the card:

"Human Services is consulting closely with the Attorney-General's Department on the services card's numbering system and on
what biometric details - such as fingerprints or photographs - should be on it."

What can we do?
  • Talk to people about this issue
  • Write to your local and federal politicians
  • Think for ourselves

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