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Friday, July 13, 2007

ACCC to sue Google

A news.com.au story titled "Watchdog takes Google to court" (by Mark Schliebs) has me paranoid about how this busybodying government organisation is going to flex their muscle.



The ACCC is the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission whose role in life is to ensure "fairness" in competition between private businesses. All in the "interests" of the Australian consumer. Or as I like to think of them: knee-jerk government reactors to whatever herd is bleating loudest or whatever area will impact government control.

The news article details how the ACCC are taking Google to court here in Australia, alleging that Google has been misleading and deceptive in it's conduct. From the article

"The ACCC said that in 2005, sponsored links titled “Kloster Ford” and “Charlestown Toyota” allegedly appeared on Google, but the links allegedly directed users to the Trading Post website.

Both dealerships compete with the Trading Post.

The ACCC said by publishing the links, Google allegedly engaged in “misleading and deceptive conduct”.

Google also continues to allegedly fail to “adequately distinguish sponsored links from ‘organic’ search results”, according to an ACCC statement. "

What concerns me is if the ACCC wins then it will have opened a way into "policing the internet" (on behalf of all Australians, of course).

If there were only one or two search engines on the internet, then maybe I could understand their position. Fortunately this is not the case. What it means is that people can choose another search engine if they don't like Google!

Let the market decide for itself, not members of a broadband crippling government with naught in their sights but control and an upcoming election.

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