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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gun Control Freaks!

I replied to a post in aus.politics.guns (either http://tinyurl.com/oko8g or http://news-reader.org/article.php?group=aus.politics.guns&post_nr=70337 ) and wanted it recorded in my blog as I find the Gun Control Freaks so frustrating!

btw, LEOs are Law Enforcement Officers

(post by Gun Control Freak) - **Nope. These guns are not needed by anyone other than LEOs.

(my reply)
Trevor, there's the problem in a nutshell. You trust the government to do the right thing (via their appointed LEOs) and believe that other members of the community can't be trusted to be responsible with *whatever* they choose to own.

The irony is that LEOs and government *are* the community. Do you think that they somehow transform into different people when they take these roles on? Of course they don't, they are the same people. If you trust an LEO then you must trust other members of your community.

All the licensing, monitoring and restrictions is simply a waste of taxpayer's money and unwarranted bureaucratic busy-bodying. This may be your glory-cause that allows you to put your hand over your heart and say with sincerity and a little tear "at least I've saved one life". It's also *my* tax money, *my* freedom and *my* future that control freaks such as yourself are playing with.

Gun Control, Anti-Terror Laws, Secret Arrest and National ID cards...is this really what you want for our children?