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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can politicians read?

I made the following post on Andrew Bolt's Forum for Thursday August 20. I found the reply by Hermit to be a telling insight into what I believe is part of the mindset of the drafters of legislation.

Can politicians read?
At what point do we stop politicians from passing legislation that they don’t, won’t or can’t read?

I confirmed with the Parliamentary Secretary that there is NO requirement for politicians to read the legislation they pass ("reading" in the house is in name only).

I wonder if anyone can provide any sort of excuse for this sloppy and dangerous neglect?

Ardeet of Hampton, Melbourne (Reply)
Thu 20 Aug 09 (04:57am)
Hermit replied to Ardeet
Thu 20 Aug 09 (08:21am)

Our firm, like every other medium to large sized legal firm does read every act. For a big act the work is typically divided between about a dozen of us.

Legislation is written by teams of draftsmen. No single human could ever be expected to read and understand all of it.

Ardeet replied to Ardeet
Thu 20 Aug 09 (09:44am)


Aren’t you forgetting the single humans that have to comply with the letter of the law?...us!

I don’t know what your “firm” is but doesn’t it tell you something that laws are being made that are so complicated that the average person can’t understand them? Or that the people voting on them can’t read them all?

Doesn’t it bother you that a lot of the power ends up lying with those who draft the legislation?

Steve replied to Ardeet
Thu 20 Aug 09 (10:40am)

This does not excuse Politicians, whose JOB it is to reveiw and pass acts into law from reading what will ultimately affect us all.

How you became a Lawyer is beyond me, your comments speak volumes for the way we view our politicians and legal system as a whole.

J.Hansford replied to Ardeet
Thu 20 Aug 09 (03:35pm)

“Aren’t you forgetting the single humans that have to comply with the letter of the law?...us!”

Excellent Ardeet. Well said and pointed out.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dangerous Things

There is a YouTube video by a bloke called nutnfancy that addresses the protectionist, nanny state culture surrounding "Dangerous Things". While I don't agree with his inference that legislation (his way) can work, I wholeheartedly support his sentiment.

Proper training and state of mind (either taught or self-taught) allows mankind's master of "Dangerous Things" to be an invaluable contribution to the world.

Taking personal responsibility and shunning the blame culture is liberating indeed.

This goes for 30 minutes. If you don't get in to it after 4 minutes then don't bother going further, otherwise you'll probably find yourself nodding along.