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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bugger 'em

I’ve had it with pussyfooting around on the issue of guns. I like to shoot competitions, I like to hunt and I like guns. If someone doesn’t agree with me then they can go jump. I support 100% the concept of doing whatever we like, as long as it doesn’t harm another person. Guess what? My sport does not harm anyone else.

We’ve all heard the tired old blather that leaks from the humourless mouths of the gun control movement. The basic point that is often missed is that these people want to spend my money to make me do what they want. They want to control how I live my life. It doesn’t matter what words you wrap around “control”, it’s still offensive.

Let’s call a gun a gun. They are a weapon, a tool, a machine of desire, a piece of art, a testament to human mechanical ingenuity. Like a barrel that has seen too many rounds, I find that my patience is worn out with close-minded people who only want to point out the negatives of my free choice.

If I want to use a tool to propel a projectile at a target and measure my eye-hand coordination against someone else then I deserve that freedom. Humankind has been involved in this activity since we competed to see who the best rock thrower was. If I choose to use a tool to eliminate feral animals or hunt animals for food then I deserve that freedom. Our ancestors didn’t stalk wild lentils and quiver in fear at the sabre-toothed tofu, they killed animals to survive.

If you don’t like guns then don’t use them. Leave me alone to live my life. Take your advice and bugger off!