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Saturday, October 28, 2006

What lies are we being repeatedly told?

One of the mainstays of successful propaganda is the repetition of lies until they are held to be the truth. Even when there is doubt about the message it can still be treated as truth because a critical mass of people cannot be bothered to listen critically.

Those of us who are prepared to listen carefully hold a massive advantage. In order to tell a lie repeatedly it has to be revealed. Once a lie is revealed then it can be assessed for what it is.

There another advantage in that an organisation that has lied in the past can be assessed skeptically. When this organisation starts to spin or repeat a message then the ears can go up and open out. The message may turn out to be the truth but when the lie is caught we become forewarned and forearmed.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

When will the do-gooders get their snivelling noses out of my life?

There are many arguments for why people should be able to dictate how I live my life in "the interests of society" and "for the greater good". Google them up and make up your own mind.

My mind is already made up and falls squarely on the side of letting me decide how I can live my life. If I don't harm anyone then I am entitled to live my life in whatever style I want. I can take responsibility for my life and my decisions. I don't need do-gooders using the power of government to force me to live my life according to their ideals.

A classic example recently was an argument with a non-smoking family member who supports the Australian smoking bans. I argued that she should be supporting the choice of business owners to allow smoking in their establishments. I also argued that she should support my choice to smoke in these establishments. My argument was based on supporting her freedom by supporting those of others.

I can't have freedom without giving that same freedom to others.

I maintained that she was using the government to support her point of view and force me to comply with her morals and choices. When I asked "do you support the government telling people what they can do on their own property and own business" she considered it. Her answer revealed the truth - "No, I don't think they should have that power except for something that is unhealthy like smoking".

"...except..." - there's the grubby moral lever that these do-gooders use to force their agenda. As soon as I hear "except" or "but" then I know I'm arguing with someone who wants to foist their ideals on me by force.

Why is it so difficult for these people to understand that when you give away these powers you seldom get them back?
Why is it so difficult for these people to understand that these powers can be used against them when the government they want is replaced by the government they don't want?
If I make a choice and no-one else is hurt then what business is it of those who disagree with my choice?

To paraphrase Matthew 7:1-5 - "Fix up your own life and until then, piss off and leave me alone".