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Monday, December 16, 2013

Wedding Burqa

Yet another drone strike on a wedding party, this time in Yemen, kills 13 more innocents on "The War on Terror"

By providing communications and field assistance the Australian government is also complicit in these murders.



Sunday, September 29, 2013

Australia voted - nothing changed.

The Liberal party is running away from the public spotlight and already giving us a taste of what is to come.

The Labor party is in the usual infighting disarray with a mini election campaign running internally.

The Greens are reeling from the reality of having played with L1 and L2 in political survival mode.

The Grand Finals are distracting people and filling the airwaves. Cricket season is starting, no time to slow down.

At the encouragement of Our Hon. Leaders the annual "shop for Jesus" fiesta is starting to become a duty.

The next collective breath will be drawn at the end of January, by which time it's too late (as usual).

But hey, if we don't like how things are we can always vote them out. Right?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Showers are for enjoyment not penance


After a couple of days on the blink my hot water system was fixed. The fix also restored the water pressure back to full and put the temperature back to working.

Bugger three minutes of water saving penance.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Release of my first EP - Colony Collapse Disorder

My first EP "Colony Collapse Disorder" is now available on Bandcamp,CD Baby, Amazon and  iTunes

MP3 versions of the tracks can be downloaded for free from Soundcloud.

Colony Collapse Disorder - EP notes


Bon Bon 2 2 (It always does it that way)
Sid 1
You know there's one thing
Noosa Waves

Notes on Tracks

All tracks were created using applications on my iPad 2 (jailbroken for internal file transfers). Some keyboard work was input using a Keyrig 49 USB keyboard (via the iPad camera connector). Vocals were recorded with a Blue Yeti Pro USB mike (via the iPad camera connector).

Album art was done on Procreate for the iPad

Bon Bon 2 2 (It always does it that way)
Created in Retronyms Tabletop with samples brought in from Korg iKaossilator and MultiTrack DAW (vocals).

Sid 1
Created in Retronyms Tabletop.

Created in Retronyms Tabletop with samples brought in from Korg iKaossilator. This is the track that I like most on this EP

You know there's one thing
Created in Retronyms Tabletop with samples brought in from Korg iKaossilator and Music Studio (flutes and choir)

Noosa Waves
Created primarily on Korg iKaossilator then mixed in Retronyms Tabletop with some percussion and bass.