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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Guns and the Drone Theory

In another newsgroup post (to talk.politics.guns) there were some interesting comments by a bloke called Jim Bianchi. He sparked some comments in me that I would like to share with you.

Jim's comments:

"There you go again with the "western, developed nations." Interesting thought: Might it be that the 'undeveloped nations' with such high rates of criminal activity in spite of also having extremely strict guncontrol are third world nations *in part* BECAUSE they have strict guncontrol? I'm refering to the mindset such legislative bushwa instills into those who must live under those systems.

Those that rise to power think of those under them as ..well, serfs (for want of a better term), and the 'serfs' think of themselves as totally defenseless against any kind of assault at all except for their own physical strength (which, of course, they ARE). Since this has always been that way, it's taken for granted that it WILL always be that way. And guess what? It IS always that way, for as EVERYONE KNOWS, guns are the root of all evil in the world -- so that's why only the polititians have them and why the serfs (and the Australians) can't be *trusted* with them.

Those serfs are the people who, in spite of their nations' being possessed of vast wealth and resources, etc, continue to be stepped on by anyone who comes along including the polititians who rise from their own ranks and their nations continue to be dismissed as just another 3rd world shithole.

Well, it's only a thought and I'm NOT saying it's the whole answer. I'm also not saying that arming everyman in a given 3rd world nation would help. I'm merely putting the thought that extreme, preemptive guncontrol laws may tend to affect the way people think about themselves and thus affect the ..ah, status, their nation has. I'd like yours (and anyone elses) comments."

My Response:


You're spot on mate.

I don't know what it is that gives many gun owners the ability to grasp the concept of freedom. For me it is the knowledge that I own a machine/tool that has a certain amount of power. I respect that power and I believe that I am responsible enough to use that power judiciously. When someone or something (like a government) tells *me* that I am not responsible enough to own this tool yet deems that those it anoints *are* responsible then I see a glaring contradiction. If those in power (who generally forget that they are in power to serve us) protect themselves with guns and seek to make my own personal ownership of that very machine illegal then I see an obvious inequity. If they believe that they are worthy of protection and deem that I am not (by prohibiting the very means that they themselves use) then they are saying that I am less equal than they.

It is an old adage that power corrupts. When I see our elected officials (*not* leaders, but elected officials) espouse double standards then I know that I am being treated as a lesser person. Not only do these double standards encompass the use of guns but extend to areas such as superannuation (your U.S. 401K plans I believe), work benefits and self defense.

The mindset of "that's just the way it is" is playing right into the hands of those who see the structure of power in our societies for what it really is. They realise the personal benefits and catch on quickly to the rules of the game. Whatever the endevour, hard work and persistence will get you to your goal, be it: the best boilermaker; the fastest runner; the top CEO; the most powerful politician. It is in our genes to strive for that supremacy, to be the best we can within the mental limits that we impose on ourselves. It's how we survive.

To get so caught up on the pro and anti gun debate that we fail to see the bigger picture is to play right into the hands of those that would rule us for their own benefit. If I was in power and enjoying the spoils of my position then what would I care if there was a raging debate on whether or not guns should be legal. The old Roman Emperors (at the height of slaughtering the Christians and just before their downfall) had a saying "Give them bread and circuses". It's no different to the tactics of today's power abusers - distractions buy time and jumping out in front of a parade buys votes.

It drives me mad that people accept the status quo. Where is the questioning? I believe (because I feel it myself) that the rule of fear is currently running rampant in our societies. Sitting back in the privacy of our own home and bemoaning the state of the nation is just akin to whimpering in a corner, under a blanket, hoping that the bogey-man won't find you.

Unless we talk and face the reality of the situation that we are in then we will never be in the position to overthrow the tyranny that is slowly descending upon us like a cancer that takes one cell at a time until it arises undetected, too late, to slaughter it's host...gorged on blood lust and self satisfaction, waiting in the wings to rise again.