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Friday, June 25, 2010

Ralph Nader unemotionally puts the case for the return of Helen Thomas.

I'm not the biggest fan of Ralph Nader, however I am an admirer of Helen Thomas who Nader supports quite simply in this report from The Real News Network ("Nader says reinstate Helen Thomas").

He makes the apt analogy that her dismissal and treatment was like a professional execution.

More at The Real News

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obama lies as competently as Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford and Nixon

Jon Stewart has compiled a dossier of US presidential lies on energy independence in his show of 16 June 2010.

He shows clips of the last eight US presidents all giving assurances that the US will become energy independent and setting ever further deadlines.

While it is disheartening, it is a very useful package of information to share with fanatical government fundamentalists.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The frog and the scorpion

A young frog finished his first week of work. With money in his pocket he walked out of factory with two friends. At the gate was a red scorpion waiting to greet the three frogs.

“Give me a third of your wages!” demanded the scorpion.

“I worked hard for this money” said the young frog. “Why should I give it to you?”

“Give it to me or I’ll sting you” threatened the scorpion.

Intimidated by the threat of violence, the three young frogs handed over the money.

The young frog decided to speak to the wise old bull-frog who had been his neighbour for as long as he could remember. Confused and upset, the young frog revealed the events of the day.

The old bull-frog simply said “Do you know who the scorpion is?”

The young frog had no answer and returned sadly to his house.

Time passed and each week the young frog and his friends had their wages stolen. They were now conditioned to hand over a third of their money. While it enraged them each time, the fear of being stung outweighed their anger at the stand over tactics.

One week as they left the factory the scorpion was at the gate with three other scorpions.

“There are more of us now. You need to give us half your wages” rasped the scorpion as all three menacingly waved their stingers. “If you don’t give us your money then all of us will sting you!”

The three young frogs gave up their money and sadly went back home. The young frog stopped by the old bull-frog again and told him of this new development.

Once again the old bull-frog said “Do you know who the scorpion is?”

The young frog still didn’t know the answer and returned to his home.

As time moved on the number of scorpions grew, as did the amount of money stolen from the frogs.

One day as the three young frogs left the factory they were surrounded by thirty-two red scorpions. They handed over ninety percent of their wages and went to leave with their heads bowed but the scorpions stopped them.

“You three frogs must come with us. We need to attack the blue scorpions. They are threatening to sting you and your families. Without our help you will surely die!” they screamed.

Confused and terrified, the three frogs went with the scorpions to the battlefield. They were dressed in red and given weapons that maimed and tore.

“Fight for peace and your unborn children!” the red scorpions cried as they pushed the frogs onto the battlefield.

“Fight for peace and your unborn children!” the blue scorpions cried as they pushed their frogs onto the battlefield.

“Fight in our name or surely you will die!” cried the red and blue scorpions in eerie unison.

Red uniforms became stained with blood. Blue uniforms became stained with blood. Torn limbs undressed became unidentifiable.

A sudden blast of fire knocked the young frog to the ground. He lay there mortally wounded. In the distance he heard the maniacal cry of the scorpions.

“Keep fighting! We’re almost safe!”

The absurdity shook open his eyes and he saw the answer to his question.

“Do you know who the scorpion is?”

The scorpion is government.

Government kills your children

Business Pundit has an article on "The 15 riskiest children's products you can buy"

From the article:
"Children's Medicine. Over nearly 20 years, Tylenol has been plagued with massive recalls on a variety of their products, mostly due to sins repeated."

From Wikipedia:
"The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA) is an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, ... responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of ... prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs (medications)"

While the other 14 products are "apparently" also being supervised by government I found the warning on children's medicine the most telling. 20 years of "sins repeated" spans time in office by both the red and the blue teams.

This is the system that is meant to run financial markets, create laws, look after the environment, fight the "war on drugs" and provide social security. Twenty years and they can't even ensure that the medicine you put in your child is uncontaminated?

Don't believe the hype.