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The Free Market

"[The] impersonal process of the market ... can be neither just nor unjust, because the results are not intended or foreseen." Friedrich A. von Hayek

"It constantly amazes me that the defenders of the free market are expected to offer certainty and perfection while government only has to make promises and express good intentions." Dr Lawrence W. Reed.

June 2010 - Over the next couple of years I will accumulate examples of the the Free Market at work both past and present (and future?).  Please feel free to email me with examples (address in my profile)

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Free Market examples

Nature is possibly the most supreme example of a free market. With her natural selection, evolution of the most efficient species, pollination of specific flowers by specific species, harmonious sharing of common areas and harmonious sharing of common resources she shows what the free market can achieve - the existence and continuation of life. 

The World Wide Web
Once the internet got into the hands of the Free Market and innovations such as the World Wide Web were created then it became one of the most potent Free Market forces known to humankind.

A superb example of the free market. Think for just 25 seconds if a government could do a better job.

Free software, unencumbered by intellectual property laws, that holds its own against traditionally produced and protected commercial software.

Popular music
Music, virtually regardless of genre, becomes popular and then possibly classic through Free Market mechanisms.

Dolphin safe tuna.
Consumer demand. Monitored independently by Greenpeace.

Within their doors where they are free to decide on products sold and displayed.
With very little government interference they manage bring goods from producers to consumers and generally satisfy both.

A trusted resource across the globe for product safety certification and compliance solutions. Competitor (and surpasser) of government standards.