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Friday, June 01, 2007

US continues to keep Iraq in a sleeper hold

An article from ABC news Australia (via AFP) reports on further tightening of the sleeper hold that the US has put on Iraq.

The article is titled "US looking to long-term presence in Iraq". The link is:

It reports that US Defence Secretary Robert Gates says the US is looking to stay in Iraq for the long term in the same way that it is present in South Korea. The spin is summed up in the following quote from the article:

"The idea is more a model of a mutually agreed arrangement whereby we have a long and enduring presence but under the consent of both parties and under certain conditions," he said.

The same people that lied about: Iraq's involvement in 911; weapons of mass destruction; an expected short and low fatality war; "mission accomplished", now expect us to believe that they will be staying in Iraq only by mutual consent of Iraq's government.

This exemplifies the insidious step-by-step methodology employed by world governments to lead their citizens into a dark controlling world that feeds their lust for power and control. Each of the steps seem so "reasonable" that most sheeple simply accept without thinking.

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