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Friday, June 29, 2007

The flushing of Australian Freedoms

In order to refute a point made by my opposition in a recent newsgroup debate, I quickly listed some freedoms that have been stolen from the Australian people over the years.

I was grossly disturbed that I could come up with the following examples so quickly. There are many more, yet I find the following collection foul enough:

- I am not allowed to put whatever substance I want into my body (anti-drug laws). Before the drug laws I had this freedom.

- I am not allowed to own whatever gun I want (anti-gun laws). Before gun laws I had much greater freedoms in this area.

- I cannot (in Australia) open a restaurant that allows smoking, even when all of the patrons consent and I have signs out front. Anti-smoking laws took this freedom.

- I cannot sell or own videos and books that the government has not approved. Censorship has taken this freedom.

- I cannot medically treat people and prescribe medicine even with the consent of the patient. Licensing and laws took this freedom.

- I cannot give financial advice even after fully disclosing my experience to a consenting customer. Licensing and laws took this freedom.

- In many areas I cannot modify my house how I want to, even with consent of neighbours. Zoning laws take this freedom.

- I cannot cut myself off from the electricity and water grid without being forced to continue paying for these services.

- I cannot produce alcohol and sell it to consenting friends (nor can I serve alcohol at a sporting club of consenting adults). Liquor laws and licensing took these freedoms.

- I cannot grow and sell tobacco and sell it to consenting friends. Laws and licensing have taken this freedom.

- I can be arrested by ASIO without being given any reason and held for up to 72 hours with no representation. I cannot even tell my *family* what has happened during this period or I will be charged with a criminal offence. If a family member or friend knows my situation and tells anyone then they are committing a criminal act. My freedom to a fair detainment has been stolen.

- The roads that my tax dollars have paid for can be shut down and roadblocked if the government thinks it's warranted for security. My freedom to travel where I want has been severely impeded.

- I cannot set up a website in Australia that distributes X-Rated pornography to consenting and vetted adults. This was a freedom that quickly came and went.

- I cannot broadcast on airwaves that are unused. Broadcast laws have taken this freedom.

- I cannot hire who I want for my business where my hiring processes are judged to contravene anti-discrimination laws. This is another freedom taken from business owners.

- Any financial transactions over AUD$10,000 must be reported to government. Banking and "security" laws stole this freedom.

- In several states (WA and VIC that I know of) if I have over AUD$20,000 cash in my possession and can't "satisfactorily" justify where I obtained it then it can be confiscated. Another freedom gone.

Hopefully this list will help you the next time you're arguing with someone who tries to hoodwink you into believing that "everything is fine".

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