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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

National Security and Religion

The crimes committed in the interests of National Security are often as bad as those committed in the name of religion.

History has demonstrated repeatedly that religion can be abused to commit crimes and hate against innocents and innocence. Fundamental Christians and Fundamental Muslims today show that this treachery against harmony and self actualisation is still possible.

History has also demonstrated that the bones of common decency and self responsibility can be sadistically snapped in the interest of National Security.

When I put the testing questions: "Is it justified?"; "If justified, will it fix the problem?" against the sorry lineup of National Security's foul ups, I find it wanting. Not always, just nearly always.

When those in power are virtually absolved of responsibility by the apathy and inactions of those who serve them (the sheeple) then an outcome of abuse is a natural evolution.

At the very least, I feel I am obliged to think about what is on the spoon that is attempting to ram down my throat.

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