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Friday, February 23, 2007

Gun Control advocates blindly unleash Genies of oppression

I would love to say that all good intentions turn out for the best. I would love to say that the majority of people can decide what’s best for everyone. I would love to say that we can trust our governments to stop when enough is enough. The disappointing truth is that none of these statements are correct.

It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are, when you give away your ability to choose what’s best for yourself to our governments then you give away your ability to choose anything that’s best for you.

When you roll over and acquiesce to a majority rule then you give away your ability to choose how you always want to be ruled.

When you desperately believe that our governments will stop when enough is enough then you give away your ability stop evil and abuse by those very governments.

When you give away your ability to choose then you choose to become responsibly disabled.

I can sympathise and empathise with people who want to see guns removed from society. There is a natural fear of what can go wrong that they desperately want to avoid. Guns become the focus because it is more palatable than addressing the real, underlying causes.

The majority often does a reasonable job of determining some general guidelines for society. This is not particularly surprising as most of us are similar in many areas of beliefs and morals. Disturbingly, many people do not understand that individuals can co-exist harmlessly with the majority even when there is a difference in beliefs and morals. To force everyone to comply with the majority’s wishes is repugnant, short-sighted and narrow minded.

To believe that governments will stop when enough is enough is fairly easy to understand. Yet, the history of humanity and it’s governments is the insidious proof that this is naïve and dangerous thinking. There are probably several examples of governments stopping short of the precipice, yet history (both past and present) is tormented with examples of governments sending their subjects to their doom.

So when you argue with me about a subject as narrow as controlling a piece of machinery (guns) for the good of all then please don’t be surprised if I smile and nod, turn my other cheek and hope fervently that you’ll examine the complete ramifications of the Genie you propose to unleash on the world you purport to love.

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