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Friday, May 18, 2012

Australian government kidnaps pregnant mother.

Michael Gordon published this story in The Age - "Wife, mother ... security threat" about a Sri Lankan refugee given an "adverse security assessment" by ASIO.

This is secret police, state sanctioned kidnapping by the Australian government. It is heartless and immoral. It scares me.
I don't know how else to describe the Immigration Department: tricking a pregnant mother (legally deemed a refugee) into their offices; taking her and her two young children away to indefinite detention; giving her husband only 5 minutes to say goodbye; and here's the kicker - refusing to say what she has done wrong and giving her no right to appeal.
Ranjini has had an ASIO "adverse security assessment" raised against her. Under Australian law this can't be questioned, appealled or detailed by her family and friends.
Sorry Ranjini, you and your two boys just have to rot in Villawood until the men with guns deign to loosen your shackles.

Here's the link to the GetUp! petition - No detention without appeal

Here's the ABC Lateline story on the subject - Refugee family torn apart by ASIO

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